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  • Star Trek: Discovery

    Star Trek: Discovery

    (2017) play as Harry Mudd

    Ten years before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and lifeforms as one Starfleet.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 00 min

  • Juno


    (2007) play as Rollo

    Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, an offbeat young woman makes an unusual decision regarding her unborn child.

    Time : 01 h 36 min

  • The Office

    The Office

    (2005) play as Dwight Schrute

    A mockumentary on a group of typical office workers, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior,.. Read more

    Time : 00 h 22 min

  • Monsters vs. Aliens

    Monsters vs. Aliens

    (2009) play as Gallaxhar

    A woman transformed into a giant after she is struck by a meteorite on her wedding day becomes part of a team of.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 34 min

  • Sahara


    (2005) play as Rudi Gunn

    Master explorer Dirk Pitt goes on the adventure of a lifetime of seeking out a lost Civil War battleship known as the.. Read more

    Time : 02 h 04 min

  • Smurfs: The Lost Village

    Smurfs: The Lost Village

    (2017) play as Gargamel

    In this fully animated, all-new take on the Smurfs, a mysterious map sets Smurfette and her friends Brainy, Clumsy and.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 30 min

  • Super


    (2010) play as Frank Darbo

    After his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer, an everyday guy transforms himself into Crimson Bolt, a.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 36 min

  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend

    My Super Ex-Girlfriend

    (2006) play as Vaughn Haige

    When a regular guy dumps a superhero for her neediness, she uses her powers to make his life a living hell.

    Time : 01 h 35 min

  • America's Sweethearts

    America's Sweethearts

    (2001) play as Dave O'Hanlon

    A movie publicist deals with the messy public split of his movie's co-stars while keeping reporters at bay while a.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 42 min

  • Shimmer Lake

    Shimmer Lake

    (2017) play as Andy Sikes

    An inventive crime thriller told backwards -- reversing day by day through a week -- following a local sheriff's quest.. Read more

    Time : 01 h 23 min


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